Eshet 2000 new cup sorter

Eshet Eilon industries

Eshet Eilon introduces a new generation of cup sorters with the most advanced management interface available. The advantages of Eshet 2000 are: very high weighing precision, minimum operating noise and gentle handling. These unique qualities and a competitive price are why Eshet Eilon has been able to market their products on a global level. The Eshet 2000 sorter is compatible with almost all fruits and vegetables and is the best sorter on the market to handle irregular produce such as: bell peppers, avocado, mango, papaya, melons, yams, flower bulbs and even fish.

The winning combination - The new Eshet 2000 sorters are adaptable from 1 lane sorters for smaller packinghouses, to 12 lanes for larger operations. Whether you are building your line from the ground up, or upgrading your operation with the Eshet 2000 cup sorters, Eshet Eilon custom manufactures the right system to suite your production needs.

2 lines Stainless Steel sizer

Pepper packinghouse with 6 line sizer

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  • Eshet 2000 blue cup technical specifications:

  • Fruit type : Pepper, Appel, Mango, Avocado, Peach,
  • Maximum speed : 5 cups/sec. per lane
  • No. of lanes : 1 - 12
  • No. of exits : Unlimited
  • Sizing parameters : weight, Size, Color
  • Type of cups : Blue 140*200
  • Weighing accuracy : 1 Standard deviation
  • Calibration : automatic zero calibration
  • Computer system and software : Industrial P.C.,Microsoft Windows base, Eshet Classic (Hebrew, English, Spanish)
  • Maximum diameter : 125 mm
  • Options
  • Labeling : multiple labeling interface



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