Eshet Optica

Eshet Eilon industries

The new generation of optical system with computerized vision is an important addition to the Eshet sizers and another grate tool to achieve high accuracy. If your market requires diameter, length or the ratio between the two, if precise color sorting is important to you, Eshet Optica is the answer. Eshet Optica can be installed on either the traditional Eshet cup sizers or on the new high speed SpeedyRoll roller sizer.

The information from the vision system is integrated into our famous and friendly "Eshet Classic" software for the ease and comfort of the user. Sensitive more then the human eye, Optica can fulfill almost any special request that you, the client, might have. If you can see it Optica will see it and will know how to instruct our software about it. Special needs and demands are welcomed for small extra adaptation fee. Give it a try!



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