Eshet 2000 new cup sorter

Eshet Eilon industries

Eshet Eilon offers an assortment of innovation solutions for the sorting and handling of your agricultural products. Providing turnkey project for the handling of fruit and vegetables. The new multi grade system includes cleaning, immersion, drying and waxing at the beginning of the line, to the end of our line which integrates sorting, grading and packing. All incorporating the latest technologies available in automated quality control to insure accuracy. The sorting lines are planned according to your requirements, from weight and size to color, dimension and volume. Each system is modular and expandable, incorporating ultra sensitive monitors and our computer integrated management system to answer all your specific needs.

2 lines Stainless Steel sizer for Ananas

2 lines Stainless Steel sizer for fish

Play Video Play Pine Appel sizer video

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  • Eshet green cup technical specifications:

  • Fruit type : Ananas, Sweet Potato, Cucumber
  • Maximum speed : 3.5 cups/sec. per lane
  • No. of lanes : 1 - 6
  • No. of exits : Unlimited
  • Sizing parameters : weight, Size, Color
  • Type of cups : Green 200*340
  • Weighing accuracy : 5 Standard deviation
  • Calibration : automatic zero calibration
  • Computer system and software : Industrial P.C.,Microsoft Windows base, Eshet Classic (Hebrew, English, Spanish)
  • Maximum diameter : 190 mm
  • Options
  • Labeling : multiple labeling interface



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