Automatic box palletizer

Eshet Eilon industries

Eshet Eilon is proud to introduce the multi-purpose automatic box palletizer. This palletizer is suitable for carton , wood and plastic standard boxes available on the market and can be adjusted to suit special boxes. The palletizer can arrange the boxes in any desired arrangement, quickly and perfectly and reduces significantly man power. It can arrange boxes from "chocolate box" (200x300 mm) to citrus boxes (400x600 mm) including telescopic boxes. Each level arrangement is done on a pallet to insure perfect placement of boxes. The speed is 750-1500 boxes/hour according to the size of the box and the arrangement of the pallet. The operation of the palletizer is done by a small and friendly screen-touch , in English, based on the Windows software principle. The palletizer can work independently or as part of a complex of palletizers. The palletizer is fully produced in our factory and completes the complex of products we design and manufacture for packinghouses and industry and all under the service and professional supervision of our staff.

Automatic box palletizer

Automatic box palletizer

  • Technical Specification

  • Type of box : Carton
  • Min Size Of Box : 200mm X 300mm
  • Max Size Of Box : 400mm X 600mm
  • Operation rate : 750 - 1500 Carton per hour



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