New Eshet Eilon Speedy Sizer

Eshet Eilon industries

Eshet Eilon is proud to present the new Eshet SpeedyCup - a very high speed cup sizer which was designed and built to run high volume of "odd" shaped fruit and vegetables such as fresh garlic heads (California and Mexico) and large and soft medjoul dates (Israel). The Eshet SpeedyCup sizer is the ultimate solution for sizing high volume of small and medium size fruit, up to 80 mm in diameter.

New Eshet Eilon SpeedyCup Sizer 4 lines for dates

New Eshet Eilon SpeedyCup Sizer 4 lines for dates

Play Video Play Garlic SpeedyCup sizer video

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  • Eshet SpeedyCup technical specifications:

  • Fruit type : Fresh garlic heads, Medjoul dates
  • Maximum speed : 15 cups/sec. per lane
  • No. of lanes : 1 - 6
  • No. of exits : Unlimited
  • Sizing parameters : weight, Size, Color
  • Type of cups : EE 76
  • Weighing accuracy : 1 Standard deviation
  • Calibration : automatic zero calibration
  • Computer system and software : Industrial P.C.,Microsoft Windows base, Eshet Classic (Hebrew, English, Spanish)
  • Maximum diameter : 100 mm
  • Options
  • Labeling : multiple labeling interface



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