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The advanced technologies of Eshet Eilon, including special Near-Infra-Red sensors, improve the capabilities of packinghouses in Kenya Eshet Eilon from Israel, one of the leading companies in the field of post-harvest technologies, has been working witread more

Eshet Eilon’s conveyors help to keep up with e-commerce growth According to a recent Wix eCommerce report, since the start of 2020 there has been an increasing demand for online shopping, leading e-commerce companies to a significant growth. In a reporread more

    Sweet potatoes are a delicate species and are easily damaged long before they are able to reach the consumers’ plates. Due to the large variability in their shape and size, sweet potatoes are not easily sorted even with advanced sorting mread more

Advanced optical sizer produced by Eshet Eilon, which is capable of sorting pineapples in an effective way. Through HD cameras, the device collects data on each pineapple that is placed on the frame. The information collected is then transferred to theread more

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