The Patent for Disinfection of Medical Cannabis

Cannabis, which is in increasing use today, can be contaminated with fungi, mold and various bacteria. The infection can even be passed on to the consumer.
The only sanitation method today is disinfection by Beta and Gamma rays radiation – but this is an expensive technology, which also worries consumers due to the use of radiated material.
Eshet Eilon, together with experts from the Volcani Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture, has developed a green and safe disinfection tool that allows for an even and ultimate disinfection of cannabis, throughout all layers, using a patented dry steam system.
This safe technology provides effective disinfection similar to radiation techniques, with no damage to the cannabis’ active ingredients. Lab tests show an overall pathogen count decrease from 400,000 to zero!
The system is inexpensive to purchase and to operate and is especially designed for any required capacity. No chemicals are added; and the only material used is water. The machines are already of commercial use in Israel, will soon have the GMP certificate and can be purchased by any company, with no need of moving the cannabis to nuclear reactors.

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