How much fat in that avocado?

Eshet Eilon’s new fruit sorters use ‘X-ray powers’ to analyze the inside of produce

To survive in business today, industry expert Menashe Tamir says, fruit exporters have to know their product inside out. And if their business relates to avocados, apples, or dates, a new system by Eshet Eilon, the company he runs, can help them.

“Our sorting machines check everything there is to know about fruit — how much sugar, protein, or carbohydrates are in fruit, how ripe it is, whether there are any diseases or fungi, and other information that until now exporters could only guess at,” said Tamir. “Ours is the first fast sorting machine that can check every single piece of fruit that goes into a shipment, ensuring that buyers know what they are getting, and that the fruit shipments don’t get sent back because they aren’t up to standards.”

In today’s market, one piece of fruit can kill a sale worth tens of thousands of dollars.

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How much fat in that avocado? Israeli machine knows for sure

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