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Eshet Eilon's R&D department constantly works on new developments, in the forefront of packhouse technologies, and cooperates with leading scientists, including of the Volcani Institute.

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Eshet Eilon's engineers work with each client on planning the sorting facility that will serve his specific needs (custom-made planning). Turnkey solutions for sorting fruit and vegetables experience in farming and in packhouse operations, we tailor the best and most economical solution for each operational need.

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Eshet Eilon uses the latest technologies for sorting and grading agricultural products, making sure that only the best products go into packing

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  • planning questionnaire (optional)

    the following questions will help us understand your needs
  • 1

    which fruits do you pack
  • 2

    what is the required capacity in tons/hour
  • 3

    How do you bring the fruits to the packinghouse?
  • 4

    How would you like to dump the fruits into the line?
  • 5

    which treatments are needed
  • 6

    How many sizes would you like to grade the fruits to?
  • 7

    what are the grading parameters

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    Eshet Eilon is an innovative agricultural equipment developer, established in 1935. Eshet Eilon develops sorting and conveying systems for different products.

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