Eshet Eilon presented its unique technological solutions for fruit and vegetables growers in the Agri Forum Event in Manila, Philippines

The Agri Forum is organized by the  Israeli Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ICCP) and the Embassy of Israel in Manila.
The event promotes the advancements of Israel in the field of Agriculture. It gives the Philippines a glimpse of what they can expect to see during Agritech exhibition in Israel (May 2018).

The CEO of Eshet Eilon, Mr. Menashe Tamir, was one of the speakers in the Manila event, and lectured on the know-how and expertise of Eshet Eilon in post-harvest sorting technologies.

The participants of the event were agribusiness owners, farmers, government representatives, NGO, farming cooperatives, investment and finance institutions, brokers, agri dealers,
importers and exporters.

Agriculture plays a significant role in the Philippine economy. Involving about 40% of Filipino workers, it contributes an average of 20% to the Gross Domestic Product of the country.

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