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ESHET EILON provides a unique solution for sweet potato sorting. Its advanced machinery is capable of delicately sorting each sweet potato based on optic system that selects the vegetables based on weight, size and other qualities. Eshet Eilon’s machinread more

    ESHET EILON exhibits this month at the Israeli Pavilion in Expo Prado 2021. The exhibition is held in Montevideo in September 10-19, and specializes in agricultural machinery and livestock technologies. Visitors of Eshet Eilon’s booth canread more

🥒🥒 ESHET EILON treatment machines for cucumbers include initial sorting, brushing, hot water, fungicide treatment and drying. Moreover, Eshet Eilon uses patented, dry steam disinfection system for cleaning cucumbers from fungi and pestsread more

  The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that each year up to 600 million people worldwide suffer from infections originating from contaminated food. WHO estimates that diseases caused by infected foods lead to approximately 400,000 >read more

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