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Eshet Eilon, together with the scientists of Israel’s Volcani Institute, has developed a new technology which might revolutionize the scene of Salmonella contamination, by providing a better prevention system for Salmonella infections and all otherread more

THE ISRAELI COMPANY THAT WANTS TO SOLVE  THE NUMBER 1 PROBLEM OF AFRICAN AGRICULTURE. The management of Eshet Eilon from Israel, that developed high-tech post-harvest solutions, is presenting its innovations in Kenya ,Uganda and Tanzania  >>>read more

1 IN 10 PEOPLE WORLDWIDE INFECTED WITH FOOD-RELATED DISEASES THE ISRAELI INNOVATION THAT CAN BRING THESE NUMBERS DOWN. The World Health Organization has released concerning numbers: every year food-related diseases affect 1 in 10 people worldwide >read more

A TECHNOLOGY USED FOR ASTRO-PHYSICSIS NOW BRINGING US THE BEST FRUITS TO THE DISH. Eshet Eilon works closely with top scientists at the Volcani Institute and the Institute of Agricultural Engineering of Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture. >>>read more