Eshet Eilon has developed a multipurpose automatic box palletizer, suitable for all standard cardboard, plastic or wooden boxes available on the market.

Here are the advantages that made them popular in the food and packing industries >>>

1. Eshet Eilon’s palletizer is adaptable to box sizes ranging from “chocolate boxes” (200x300mm) to citrus crates (400x600mm), including telescopic boxes

2. Our box palletizers can be even adjusted to non-standard containers

3. Our palletizer can configure your packed product in any desired arrangement, on any standard pallet, quickly and accurately

4. The palletizer is offered as a standalone unit or can be integrated into a multi-palletizer battery

5. The palletizing speed is 750-1,500 boxes\hour, depending on box size and arrangement on the pallet

6. The reliability of our palletizers ensures a constant workflow that saves labor costs

7. The palletizer is also available in stainless steel

8. The palletizer is operated by a small, user-friendly, Windows-based touchscreen

9. The palletizer is fully manufactured by Eshet Eilon and compliments the full line of equipment for packinghouses or food factories

10. Eshet Eilon provides professional customer service and technical support team, around the clock


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