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    Eshet Eilon’s technologies have a critical role in assisting fruits and vegetables growers, especially during the days of increased demand for local produce The COVID19 crisis has created two unprecedented phenomena in the Israeli food maread more

Despite the difficult times that all of humanity is suffering due to the Coronavirus, all of Eshet Eilon’s staff is recruited, working together around the clock – management and employees – to serve our clients in Israel and around the world.

Pineapples are unique not only for their flavor – but also for their physical qualities and fragility. Due to their very specific needs during harvesting and post-harvesting stages, they can appear to be damaged in several different parts. In order toread more

Sweet potatoes have been one of the biggest sources of income in the agricultural market, with high rates of consumption among consumers worldwide. However, sweet potatoes are a delicate species and are easily damaged long before they are able to reachread more