Eshet 2000 new cup sorter

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The fruits of technology - The Eshet Eilon Turnkey solutions are used in over 20 countries worldwide, from Africa to South America and from Europe to China. Usually Eshet Eilon uses local companies to distribute and maintain these products. Because Eshet Eilon designs these sorters modularly for your specific needs, all systems are adaptable and expandable to optimize your efficiency and the quality and accuracy of your output. Increased output with the human touch, speed and precision without compromise in quality, this is the philosophy at the heart of our sorting systems.

4 lines Stainless Steel sizer for Melons

6 lines Stainless Steel sizer for Melons

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  • Eshet black cup technical specifications:

  • Fruit type : Melon, Sweet Potato
  • Maximum speed : 3.5 cups/sec. per lane
  • No. of lanes : Melon 1 - 8, sweet Potato 1 - 4
  • No. of exits : Unlimited
  • Sizing parameters : weight, Size, Color
  • Type of cups : Black 200*250
  • Weighing accuracy : 5 Standard deviation
  • Calibration : automatic zero calibration
  • Computer system and software : Industrial P.C.,Microsoft Windows base, Eshet Classic (Hebrew, English, Spanish)
  • Maximum diameter : 190 mm
  • Options
  • Labeling : multiple labeling interface



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