Eshet Eilon’s engineers work closely with each client on planning the sorting facility that will serve his specific needs (custom-made planning).

With many years of experience in farming and in packhouse operations, we tailor the best and most economical solution for each operational need.

The range starts at the receiving and dumping equipment, water tanks, washing and drying machines, waxing equipment, sorting tables, hot water sanitation systems and conveying systems to the top of the line electronic sizers of various types for most suitable handling of any fruit or vegetable.

With the proper combination of engineering, metal works, electrical and computer departments, we are proud to manufacture the most reliable equipment, giving the users the peace of mind and the best tools to manage their operations. Eshet Eilon’s equipment is mostly constructed from stainless steel as part of Eshet Eilon’s vision, seeing packhouses as food processing plants with high standards of sanitation.

Eshet Eilon manufactures in-house a complete line of equipment for packhouses for most of the fruits and vegetables, from dates and cherry tomatoes to the largest melons.

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