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Eshet Eilon is building a new avocado line for Signum Fresh Fruit Exporters in Kenya

  The project is following a big number of new avocado lines that Eshet Eilon installed in Kenya (7 in 2020, and 3 this year). Signum, based in Nairobi, is a leading exporter of fresh produce – mainly avocados and mangoes. According to an article*

Read on Nature Magazine: The New Patent for Cannabis Disinfection ▶

  The patented, 100% green, disinfection technology, developed by the scientists of the Volcani Institute and Eshet Eilon’s engineers, was recently featured on Nature Magazine. The innovative disinfection technology allows for an even and ultimate

Eshet Eilon is Building an Optical Sorting Line for Shufersal

  Eshet Eilon is setting up an advanced optical sorting line for Shufersal – the largest food retail chain in Israel, which will allow it to deliver the best products via its online shipments. The unique system – a first of its kind in the world –

A unique system for coconut sorting will be built in East Asia by Eshet Eilon

  The sorting line, which includes an advanced optical system, will sort coconuts based on size and quality.  

New Sorting Line for Dates in the Jordan Valley – with 8 Channels

  Eshet Eilon has built its largest single date sorting line this year, which is also one of the largest ever built. It includes 8 sorting channels based on weight and quality of the fruit, a feeding line and double treatment. The line was planned


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