Chick sexing and quality Grading machine

New patented technology from Eshet Eilon promises to be a game-changer in the poultry industry. Using our extensive experience in the design and production of electro-optic graders for fresh produce and fish, Eshet Eilon has developed a dedicated state-of-the-art grader for day-old chicks.                     Capabilities of the system:

  • Separate day-old chicks by gender with a 95% accuracy.
  • Accuracy will increase with experience at each location.
  • Separate day-old chicks by overall “quality“, a combination of weight, visual defects, and activity level.
  • Count chicks into the box according to quantity or density in the box.
  • Each unit is capable of processing 50,000 Chicks/ hour. Multiple units can be combined into one machine.
  • Big Data collection of every chick for flock analysis and troubleshooting in the process: incubation\ transportation\ mother flock…
  • Integrates easily with existing process equipment.
  • Improved animal welfare compared to manual work. Reduce stress levels and injury risks.

Benefits from sexing and quality grading include:

  • Food cost savings by growing male/female chickens separately, each being fed the optimum diet.
  • Shorter life cycle when growing males only.
  • Ability to grow a uniform flock thanks to the classification by sex and weight.
  • Higher profitability thanks to the sale of a uniform flock.
  • More efficient work in the slaughterhouse when getting a uniform flock
  • Sort out chicks with a high mortality rate
  • Fast ROI

  Eshet Eilon optic and weight systems have been operating in hundreds of different facilities, in 40+ countries for more than 5 decades in the fresh produce and fish markets.

  For more information, please contact [email protected]      


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