Eshet Eilon uses the latest technologies for sorting and grading agricultural products, making sure that only the best products go into packing:

Weight sizing – The company has numerous cup and roller​ graders designed especially for each product. The different graders are divided by size, shape, and speed​ – in order to match the product.

​Each grader come​s​ with a very accurate​ weighing system that weights each ​fruit and grades it according to the settings of the system by the operator.

Optical grading for External characters

​according to size, ​​color, and external defects: the company’s optic system serves as another tool in order to get high-quality products. The optic system includes high-quality color digital cameras that scan the surface of each product. The products are categorized by color, size, diameter, texture defects, and external defects. The quality of each product is calculated while combining these parameters according to the customer’s settings. Combining with the weight of the product – the customer gets only the best products.

NIR technology – for Internal characters

NIR (Near Infra-Red) systems use a special wavelength that can penetrate into the internal part of the product and analyze its chemical properties due to the waves the product returns.

This technology does not harm the product in any way and can help customers to send products with the best quality not only from the outside but also taking into consideration the internal part of the product as well.

Each customer can define their own preferences and set the parameters that will grade each product. Either by each parameter separately or few parameters combined together.


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