High speed cup sizer for Pomegranates

Eshet Eilon industries

The new high speed cup sizer was specially developed in respond to the market demand for an accurate and gentle sizing machine for Pomegranates. With 7.5 cups\sec, feeding with V belts and side, gentle ejecting we produce this sizer with either one or two lanes, ejecting both sides. It perfectly handles also sensitive apples, all stone fruit, citrus and small and medium varieties of Avocado. A multi lane sizer, ejecting on exit belts, is an outstanding solution for large volume avocado operations. Fruit up to 120mm is easily handled.

Eshet Eilon High speed cup sizer for Avocado

Eshet Eilon High speed cup sizer for Pomegranates

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  • Eshet High speed cup sizer for Pomegranates technical specifications:

  • Fruit type : Pomegranates, apples, stone fruit, small and medium avocado
  • Maximum speed : 9 cups/sec. per lane
  • No. of lanes : 1-2 for the pomegranates. Up to 6 for other fruit.
  • No. of exits : Unlimited
  • Sizing parameters : Weight
  • Type of cups : EE 114
  • Weighing accuracy : 1 Standard deviation
  • Calibration : automatic zero calibration
  • Computer system and software : Industrial P.C.,Microsoft Windows base, Eshet Classic (Hebrew, English, Spanish)
  • Maximum diameter : 120 mm
  • Options
  • Labeling : multiple labeling interface



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