“Eshet Eilon has Innovative Technology, Excellent Service, and Professional Personnel”

Essam Kitaf | Geftlek, Palestine


When did you start your business? I opened my business in 2013 in Geftlek, close to Jericho.

What do you sort? We sort and pack dates.

How much fruit do you sort? This year we have reached our peak sorting rate, with 1,500 tons using the Eshet Eilon machines.

Which Eshet Eilon technologies do you use? We have a sorting machine with 4 sorting lines, and use all the Eshet Eilon technologies.

How has Eshet Eilon helped you? Thanks to the Eshet Eilon machines, we are able to sort up to 2.5 tons of dates per hour. The sorting is not only fast, but also extremely accurate. The packed product is excellent and is marketed very successfully.

Comments: I like Eshet Eilon as a company and I also like the people there. Eshet Eilon has innovative local technology, excellent service, and professional personnel including Tzur, Yariv and Ali who help us with anything at any hour, even during the holidays.





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