Eshet Eilon's representative in Kenya, Nicky Abayo, met local agriculture professionals

Eshet Eilon’s representative in Kenya, Nicky Abayo, met local agriculture professionals in the Israel-Embu County AgriFair. The event took place last week in the University of Embu.

Nicky introduced Eshet Eilon’s unique post-harvest technologies to the participants – various agricultural stakeholders in Embu County.
The Israel-Embu County AgriFair was a one-day physical event organized by Israel’s Economic Mission to Kenya, Start-Up Nation Central and Embu County Government, in partnership with the University of Embu. Its aim was to address agricultural needs and gaps through Israeli-Embu partnerships.
Eshet Eilon has been active in Kenya for more than 30 years. In the past year Eshet built 10 new avocado packinghouses in the country. Eshet’s local representative takes care of all the day-to-day needs of the packinghouses in Kenya – and other countries in the continent.
Embu County heavily relies on agriculture as the source of livelihood for its people and also as the main economic activity. The agriculture sector employs about 70% of the population in the county.
The upper part of Embu County relies mainly on cash crops such as coffee and tea; while the lower part mainly produces maize, beans, cow peas, bananas, tomatoes, pawpaw, avocado and citrus fruits.
In the photo: Nicky (right) with the Israeli Ambassador, Oded Joseph; Head of Israel’s Economic Mission to Kenya, Arnon Arbel – and executives of the Embu fair.

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