The technology that finds out what goes on inside your fruits or vegetables


How can you know when the avocado is ripe and ready?… Do your apples look perfect but you wonder if their inner layers are good as well?…

Eshet Eilon has developed an accurate and efficient technology that can actually find out what goes on inside your fruits or vegetables.

In collaboration with the Volcani Institute of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture, Eshet Eilon uses near infrared (NIR) technology in order to detect different internal qualities – and reach an accurate analysis based on electromagnetic spectrum.

Among the characteristics that Eshet Eilon analyses are sugar and acidity levels for pineapple and mango; oil level and ripeness level for avocado; and humidity and detection of internal fungus of dates.

In addition, Eshet Eilon’s NIR technology can detect firmness and signs of internal rotting for apples, sugar and nitrates levels of papayas, and starch level of sweet potatoes.

All of these analyzed properties are available with no need for special sample preparation or use of chemicals, and can be detected in a fast and reliable way.


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