Pineapples are unique not only for their flavor – but also for their physical qualities and fragility. Due to their very specific needs during harvesting and post-harvesting stages, they can appear to be damaged in several different parts.
In order to sort the pineapples according to a specific quality (e.g. with/without a crown) and in order to exclude the damaged fruits, there is need for recognition of several pineapple qualities, including its color, size, shape and density.
Eshet Optica is an advanced optical sizer produced by Eshet Eilon, which is capable of sorting pineapples in an effective way. Through cameras that include vision sensors, the device collects data on each pineapple that is placed on the frame. The information collected is then transferred to the software for the analysis of different parts and qualities of the fruit, including color, size, crown, diameter, length, shape and density.
Eshet Optica has shown high rates of accuracy, with customized solutions offered according to the needs of each customer and each product analyzed. Eshet Eilon’s staff provides training for the customers, in order to have an easy and smooth experience both with the machine and the software.

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