Sweet potatoes are a delicate species and are easily damaged long before they are able to reach the consumers’ plates.

Due to the large variability in their shape and size, sweet potatoes are not easily sorted even with advanced sorting machinery. Moreover, they are frequently damaged, mostly on the skin, due to their high sensitivity.

Eshet Eilon, with its innovative sorting technologies, provides a unique solution for sweet potato sorting. Its advanced machinery is capable of delicately sorting each sweet potato based on advanced optic cameras that detect external and internal qualities.

Eshet Eilon not only provides an efficacious sorting mechanism, but also makes sure that all sweet potatoes are cleaned and readily disinfected, using the most advanced disinfection systems which provide a longer shelf life for these root vegetables.

All machines used by Eshet Eilon during the sorting and cleaning stages are made of stainless steel which is easily maintained and cleaned, with no risk for damage.


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