Eshet Eilon’s conveyors help to keep up with e-commerce growth

According to a recent Wix eCommerce report, since the start of 2020 there has been an increasing demand for online shopping, leading e-commerce companies to a significant growth.

In a report analyzing more than half a million businesses worldwide which run their online stores on Wix, companies have shown a growth rate of up to 600%, with a peak in April 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the online businesses which have seen an exponential growth according to Wix eCommerce are the food market with a 605% increase, fashion with a 226% increase, pet care with a 327% increase, and health with a 166% increase*.

The changing buying habits among consumers worldwide have given a boost to the logistics field, and have required marketing and retail chains to upgrade their sorting, transport and delivery systems.

Eshet Eilon’s advanced conveyors serve as an essential part of the sorting and packing processes in several companies, including markets which utilize e-commerce services and need an efficient conveyor mechanism to upgrade their supply and delivery system.

The significant growth in e-commerce services has led several companies to have increased interest in the conveyor belts produced by the long-lasting Eshet Eilon, due to a unique competitive advantage in the market:

Eshet Eilon offers full flexibility and creativity: a modular adaptation to each customer’s needs, and an ability to find the optimal solutions for complicated technical requirements.

Eshet Eilon has decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of conveyors and sorting systems – for the agricultural field and many others. The company has gained unique technological advantages, including advanced control systems.

A technical service provided 24/7 to everywhere around the globe is also a big plus that Eshet Eilon’s customers enjoy 👉

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