Cucumbers are one of the essential vegetables all around the world, with high consumption rates. According to a publication of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) from 2020, cucumber is one of the four most produced >> vegetables worldwide, together with tomatoes, onions and cabbage (1).

Extensive research has revealed a number of beneficial qualities of cucumbers, including antimicrobial activity, glycemic lowering ability and antioxidant ability (2).

In order to maintain high consumption rates, cucumbers have to arrive to the customer with as few defects as possible. As the U.S. Department of Agriculture published, different types of cucumbers have different standards and requirements, with specific maximal diameter and minimal length. Moreover, cucumbers must be well colored, firm, fresh and not overgrown (3).

Eshet Eilon treatment machines for cucumbers include initial sorting, brushing, hot water, fungicide treatment and drying. Moreover, Eshet Eilon uses patented, dry steam disinfection system for cleaning cucumbers from fungi and pests that sit on the shell, without compromising the quality of the fruit for extending its shelf life.

Most importantly, Eshet Eilon provides an accurate and precise grading system, which works according to many parameters, including the cucumber’s diameter, length, external defects, curve, bottle neck, color defects and curvature percentage. With the use of near-infrared systems, Eshet Eilon can analyze the cucumber’s internal qualities as well.

Contact us for more information on the variety of technologies that Eshet Eilon can provide, for a smooth, easy and most rigorous cucumber grading and sorting process.




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